Marko Sillar

Steinberg Invest OÜ

Developed professionally in the financial sector and certainly one of my greatest strengths is managing investments in a way, paraphrasing the economist and former lecturer we have known, where a decimal number is like a lecturer without a tie, another decimal place gives cuffs, 0.61432567363% is already impeccably scented.

Ühistu liige
There is always both integrity, creation and development in Community organisations This is what we are doing with the mutual insurance, and often success stories are not technically based on doing something 180 degrees differently, but it is enough only if you are not doing things well, not badly, but brilliantly.
95% or more of the insurance market today is foreign capital, several products are overpriced, product range is limited, all profits are moving abroad. This is certainly where it can be argued that the Mutual Insurance is 180 degrees different and that is the biggest argument for belonging to the Community.